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Domain Transfer Process:
Please inform your administrative contact of the domain name for transfer. During this period, you can still get access to your domain name through your current registrar. securednet will email the administrative contact to request transfer approval at the next business day.Once the administrative contact approves the domain transfer, securednet will send a transfer request to the registry.The registry will contact your current registrar via email.Your current registrar will send you an email notification indicating that the transfer to securednet has been approved. You are required to reply the message to enable the transfer.The losing registrar will send an acceptance or rejection notice to the registry.
The registry will notify securednet of the acceptance or rejection. securednet will inform you via email that the transfer has completed or failed.
Helpful hints:
According to ICANN Transfer Policy, a domain name cannot be transferred within 60 days of initial registration or a previous transfer.
Please make sure that the administrative contact's email address of the domain name for transfer is correct. A transfer confirmation email will be sent to the administrative contact once a transfer request has been submitted.
Once you receive an email which informs you that the domain transfer is completed, please login your account in time and confirm the contact information is correct and complete.
A transfer will not succeed if the domain name is in “Lock” status.

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